Processing (confection)

Production possibilities

waste or garbage bags loose or perforated on  roll or paper core,  bin liners, rubble sacks, garden sacks, food sacks,  recycled waste collecting bags, draw string bags, PP string bags, side-gusseted bags, pallet hoods, block-headed bags, easy open bags, small, medium and large bags, plastic sheets and cover sheets.

various colors
various types of material: LDPE, HDPE, MDPE (Beluthene)
various qualities of material:  1A new virgin material, regenerated/recycled, blended/mixed
various widths & thicknesses:  depending on type of product
various types of packaging: loose in cartons, in poly sacks, perforated on roll or on paper core (76 and 50mm)

Our products are generally used as wraps and industrial packaging material  but we also produce items  suitable for food packaging. These are made from 1A new material and comply with European norms for food packaging.

Technical parameters of the bags/sacks according to product type:

Draw string bags, perforated on roll:
min.size     400 x 600 mm
max. size 1100 x 1100 mm

Bottom  seal bags,  loose:
min. size:      150 x 200 mm
max. size:  1550 x 3500 mm

Bottom seal bags, perforated on  roll:
min. size:     300 x 300 mm
max. size:  1200 x 1500 mm

Bags or plastic sheets, perforated on paper core 50 or 76mm:
min. size:        300 x 350 mm
max. size:  1550 x 10 000 mm

Side seal bags, loose:
min. size:     80 x 120 mm
max. size:  600 x 950 mm

Small rolls:
minimum width:  500 mm
maximum width:  1500 mm
min. lenght:  15 linear metres
max. lenght:  200 linear metres
winded on 50mm paper core with max. weight 20-25kg/roll

Products made of monolayer film can be modified by the following techniques:
  • UV stabilisation up to 24 months
  • antistatic finish
  • non-slip and lubricated film
  • single sided flexo print up to 4 colors
  • double sided continuous print up to 4 colors
  • opacity  (100% covering or translucent)
  • microperforated finish
  • air vents in 4, 6 or 8mm diameter


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